White Billionaire offers $1 Billion to Serena Williams and Lebron James to BREED a baby

Serena Williams Lebron James to BREED a baby


LeBron James sent a heartfelt message to Serena Williams following the final match of the American’s glittering tennis career. Basketball legend LeBron recorded a video message, which he captioned ‘#SerenaWilliams THANK YOU!! You’re so damn DOPE!!’.



‘Serena, [it’s] LeBron here,’ he said. ‘Wow, where do I start. First of all, I can start by just saying congratulations to you, to an unbelievable career. You’re a GOAT. ‘What you have done for the sport of tennis, what you’ve done for women, and what you’ve done for the category of sport, period, is unprecedented.



‘It’s been an honour to watch your journey, to watch you conquer all the goals you ever set out, to see you break records, to see you be amazing and transcendent, not only on the tennis court, but also off.

‘I literally could sit here and talk about your journey and just talk about watching you from afar and our relationship now for an hour, but I don’t want to bore you too much about stuff that you already know!



‘So I just want to say thank you for just being this inspiration for so many and never putting yourself out there where you didn’t feel like you were the greatest. ‘And showing the world that every time you were out there, you were the greatest. Win, lose, or draw, it didn’t matter, we all knew that you were the greatest.



‘Congratulations once again and I wish you nothing but the greatest journey ahead of you and every endeavour that you have outside of your respective sport. ‘You’ve been unbelievable, I salute you and when I see you I’ll give you a big, giant hug as well to show my appreciation.’

LeBron and Williams have been long-time friends and the LA Lakers star posted a video on his Instagram as he watched her beat Kontaveit in the second round earlier this week. ‘GOAT talk! GOAT talk! I see you Serena, GOAT talk!’, he said and captioned the clip ‘@serenawilliams, keep going!’.



Serena Williams is giving fans an inside look at her days off

Serena Williams, 40, is looking absolutely incredible in a white one-piece swimsuit! The tennis star was seen with her arms raised and her back to the camera as she stood in front of a gorgeous ocean view in a photo posted to her Instagram account on Friday.

Serena Williams enjoyed time with her daughter Alexis Olympia and played tennis at home during her day off. Serena Williams is giving fans an inside look at her days off. The tennis star, documented her low-key day at home on Wednesday in a series of videos on her Instagram Story.

Serena Williams butt

Serena Williams shows off her booti-licious assets: Serena’s toned body looked more fit than ever in the bathing suit, which showed off her toned derrière, sculpted legs and arms. Her blonde curls cascaded down her back, as she accessorized with rings, a gold bracelet and a dainty anklet.



Serena Williams Feet is Beautiful



She appeared to be enjoying the day as she flaunts her sensational and sexy body that has brought so much attention to her lately. In the first slide, Williams posted a poll that asked her followers, “Would you like to see what I do on my day off?”

Serena Williams stylish



After Williams’ followers voted yes by an overwhelming margin, she posted a video roughly an hour later that featured a sweet cameo from her 4-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia, who she shares with husband Alexis Ohanian.



Serena Williams beach photo 1

“Okay so you guys have spoken, you do want to see what I do on my day off,” Williams said. “I am sitting down on a bench and watching Olympia watch videos, but I am about to get up and my day is about to get exciting, I promise you, so stay tuned.”



Serena Williams sexy bootyNext, Williams documented herself making coffee, saying in the video, “Alright, coffee bar time.

I’m a barista, so I actually like to use the reusable ones, cause I can wash them and reuse them and it’s good for the environment and it’s good for you internally, so it’s better.”

Serena Williams sexy booty

Serena posted a photo in a similar spot on September 17, just a few days earlier, that showed her and her adorable 3-year-old daughter Olympia in matching pink bathing suits.

The fuchsia one pieces both had sayings on the front: Serena’s read “The Shady One” while Olympia’s said “Wild Child.”

serena williams exhibits her sexiness

Williams shares the toddler with her husband Alexis Ohanian, who hasn’t popped up in any of the vacation photos thus far.

While Serena didn’t share her exact location, the turquoise blue-water is certainly Insta-worthy, and it also looks perfectly hot and sunny!

Serena Williams is incredible on red dress

The 23-time Grand Slam champion then went outside on her at-home tennis court, which appeared to be wet from rain.

“Tennis court views and vibes and I’m having a really boring day,” she said while panning the camera around the court.

Serena Williams sexy booty

Serena Williams puts on a VERY busty display; Williams also spent some time at the gym on her day off, filming herself ahead of her workout and saying, “Even on days off, it is gym time. A little gym, a little movement.”

White Billionaire offers $1 Billion to Serena Williams and Lebron James to BREED a baby

A White Billionaire has offered $1 Billion to Serena Williams and Lebron James to BREED a baby… Popular Billionaire Vladist Sugarin about investing over $1 billion in Lebron and Serena to create a super athletic baby.

He wants a SUPER BABY! A White Billionaire Offers Lebron and Serena $500 MILLION a piece to BREED a baby…(Like they USED to do…back in the cotton picking old days).

LeBron James and Serena Williams
“WITH HIS SPERM AND HER EGG. I’LL MAKE MY INVESTMENT BACK ON SIGNING DAY” Billionaire Vladist Sugarin is about investing over $1 billion in Lebron and Serena to create a super athletic baby.


LeBron James weighs in on Serena Williams

Vladist is even willing to throw in some ownership to the company that made him worth $15 billion if they comply by the end of the week.


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