WATCH: Venus Williams dazzles in a gold mini dress – and her boots are unreal

Dazzling Serena Venus Williams perform twerking on a yacht


They say sisters are built-in best friends, and if you take a page out of Venus and Serena Williams’ book, sisters make good travel buddies too. So what does it look like when two world-class tennis champion sisters plan a getaway?



Serena and Venus Williams stun again with hot dance in bikini while on vacation to post a rather daring video on Instagram. The sisters are inseparable on and off the court and they never miss an opportunity to have fun together.



Serena Williams Turning Up On A Yacht
Serena and Venus are now orbiting in the Miami area where they have also taken part in various activities and visited the prestigious Art Basel. Serena is also promoting her activities all over the area and she has also paid a visit to her pop-up shop in Miami.



Serena Williams' Yacht Getaway



It looks like an epic turn up on a mega-yacht sailing the Caribbean waters of the Bahamas of course! The pair lived their best yacht lives and enjoyed some much-needed quality time together, along with their sisters Lyndrea and Isha and several friends, tanning, showing off their enviable beach bodies and of course, having mini dance parties.

From the looks of things, we need to travel with the Williams squad next time they need an escape. After all, friends in your head can be considered sisters too, right? Check out a few more photos from their feel-good adventure below to add a little sunshine to your day.



01: Serena and Venus’ Yacht Life Adventure

You’d jump for joy too if you could spend your days in a bikini on a yacht.

Dazzling Serena, Venus Williams perform twerking on a yatch


02: Serena and Venus’ Yacht Life Adventure

Serena is all about that yacht flex.





03: Serena and Venus’ Yacht Life Adventure
Sunkissed in the Bahamas

Serena And Venus Williams' Yacht Getaway


04: Serena and Venus’ Yacht Life Adventure
When you’re traveling with the Williams sisters, it’s sun’s out, buns out.


Venus n Serena Williams yatch
Serena and Venus Williams enjoy time on yacht


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