Venus Williams accidentally flashes her pants — Six talking points

Venus Williams flashes mini


Venus Williams looks back at her totally toned butt in leather pants in a brand new Instagram photo; She works her legs and booty with non-equipment workouts and a plant-based diet. Tennis superstar Venus Williams is starting the New Year off right in a fresh ‘fit, and showing off her hard work on the tennis court and the gym.



In a new Instagram post, Venus showed off her super strong and toned legs and booty in a pair of leather Givenchy pants; Sitting on ‘23s ??,” she captioned the pic. Former WNBA player Lisa Leslie commented, “Yes Cakes????.” And model Ashley Graham wrote, “???”.



Venus Williams Bikini Pictures, Her Sexiest Swimsuit Photos
To get her booty in such great shape, Venus hits the gym when she’s off the tennis courts. And she’s always sharing her workouts with her IG followers. To get her legs and booty so strong, Venus relies on mixing up her workouts.



Plus, she’s resourceful: All you need is a wall (and a water bottle) for this workout that includes wall bridges, weighted wall sits (she uses the water bottles as weights!) and single-leg lunges.



Venus Williams is still wearing really outrageous outfit
She utilizes a Pilates reformer for resistance training for her booty. In September 2021, she shared a video of herself doing reps using the reformer for added resistance. “Sunday. Repeat Monday – Saturday. Recipe works every time. ??,” she captioned the video. In December 2021, she shared her entire ab routine, which included dead bugs, crunches, and side planks.



And for cardio, besides sprinting on the tennis courts, she also does speed ladder work. As for her diet, Venus has also adopted a plant-based eating style. She was formerly vegan, but now sticks to mostly plant-based foods.



Venus Williams shows off her toned legs in a VERY short striped mini dress
For lunch or dinner, she loves to make a salad with a mix of lentils, quinoa and pickled veggies with some homemade dressing. “Lately, I’ve started making my own dressing,” she shared with Women’s Health. “I made a vegan butter, and ranch buttermilk dressing. It’s just so fresh, and it’s so quick. The longest it takes [is the time] it takes to chop the vegetables.”



Venus Williams' most outrageous outfit ever

“Do You Have a Big Bum Bum’- Venus Williams Shares a Cheeky Picture After Serena Williams Asks Her a Question on Her Butt

Venus Williams Flaunts Butt In Leather Pants In New Instagram Photos

The four-time Olympic gold medalists, Venus and Serena Williams have encouraged many youngsters to believe that anything is possible. The film, ‘King Richard,’ confides the story of the girls’ lives before they turned professional.

Venus and Serena Williams on Their Own Terms

However, recently, the powerful tennis players exhibited their strong sisterhood through funny jokes and laughter in their Instagram stories. The Grand Slam masters wore elegant outfits and showed strong sisterhood in their photos, hugging and laughing in unison. But in what Venus and Serena have accomplished, nothing is more steadfast than their devotion to each other.

Venus Williams Definitely Has Our Attention
Venus and Serena Williams, share a quirky photo for fans

Nothing seems to stand in the way of their relationship ever since they initiated the first US Open women’s final in 2001. In 2002, after the French Open, Venus and Serena Williams finished first and second in the world in a singles match, the first time the sisters took the first two places. The sisters have always motivated and cheered for each other through their social media posts.

Venus Williams outfits pics

It simply cannot be overstated how much Venus paved the way for Serena Williams. The sisters are born only 15 months apart. Both powerful sisters turned pros at the age of 14.

Their father Richard Williams labeled them as “Ghetto Cinderellas” because they grew up playing amidst random gunshots in California before moving to Florida for professional training.


Venus showered her younger sister, Serena Williams, with love through her Instagram stories. Venus was answering some questions from friends and fans on her Instagram. The conversation is noteworthy to read, and is quoted as:

Serena’s question “Do you have a big bum bum?”

Venus’s answer“A prime example of Serena Williams being a little sister. The answer? Not like yours (wink)”

Venus Williams Pictures Are An Apex Of Magnificence photo
The Williams sisters are enjoying their niece’s bachelorette party

The 23 Grand Slam Winner, along with her elder sister Venus, shared a video of her dancing, singing, and roasting marshmallows by the campfire.


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