“I’m pregnant with baby No. 2” — Serena Williams, 41, announces

Serena Williams announces Im pregnant


Serena Williams suspected for pregnancy, shows “baby bump” during Vogue parade: As Serena Williams paraded down as the opening model for Vogue World during the New York Fashion Week, fans spotted a “baby bump” standing out on the tennis icon’s golden dress. “Beautiful baby bump awe!”, one of Serena’s followers reacted on Instagram.



“Is she pregnant???” another one asked. “Baby bump??! Okay, queen!!” another fan reacted. These reactions are, however, just speculations. Serena Williams hasn’t yet spoken anything about a second pregnancy.



Serena Williams suspected for pregnancy, shows baby bump during Vogue parade
Talking about Vogue, not long before the NYFW parade, Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian had a date night where Serena Williams reportedly told Alexis Ohanian about the likelihood that she’s pregnant.



Serena Williams suspected for pregnancy, shows “baby bump” during Vogue parade



Serena Williams’ pregnancy: Serena Williams has been talking about pregnancy and having another baby following the growing up of her first child, Olympia Alexis Ohanian Jnr. When the rumours began to spread that tennis legend Serena Williams is pregnant, it did not take long for many people to deny that this was true.



However, so many people were very shocked when Serena’s publicist, Kelly Bush Novak, officially confirmed that the greatest ever female tennis player is pregnant, although it seems that there were none quite as shocked as the superstar herself.



Serena Williams Confirms She's Pregnant After Day of Speculation

The photo posted on Snapchat with the baby bump and then removed a few mins after had left some doubts about Serena Williams’s pregnancy.



This is a developing story… However, rumour has it that Serena Williams is finally hanging his tennis boots because she’s pregnant with 2nd child. Serena is worried it’s too late to give her daughter a sibling…

Serena Williams - A peek of my pregnancy journey.
Serena Williams – A peek of my pregnancy journey.

Serena Williams’ age: Serena Williams is 41 years of age at the time of writing. She will celebrate her 41st birthday on September 26, making her one of the oldest players on the WTA tour.

Serena Williams’ Retirement: Having recorded one of her earliest losses in Grand Slams in nearly a year Serena Williams has given rise to yet another batch of retirement rumours and conversations about her age and longevity on the tour.


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