Sean Kingston: “The Real Reason why I broke up with Serena Williams”

Sean Kingston Returns Home to talk to Serena Williams


“Whoa” Sean Kingston has claimed he was in an intimate and sexual relationship with Serena Williams. Kingston has finally revealed the truth about what really happened between him and Serena Williams having Exhausting Marathon S*x and why he still misses her s*x… “She just knows how to do it so well and I enjoyed her to the fullest”. Sean Kingston added.



Sean Kingston, the American-Jamaican singer, and rapper made a controversial statement claiming to have been involved in a physically intimate relationship with the American legend. During an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Smashed With Slot, upon being asked to name his choice with whom he would love to marry, Kingston named Laren London and replied would love to be sexually involved with US actor Meagen Good.



Sean Kingston with Serena Williams
Kingston made another shocking claim when he revealed about being in an intimate physical relationship with one of the famous personalities and it was none other than the 23-time Grand Slam champion. He further added about dating Serena Williams several years ago but eventually broke up because of having a nine-year age gap difference.



He added “Serena Williams was somebody I really looked to for advice. I used to work out with her; then we were involved in an intimate and sexual relationship. Serena was just always somebody that really, really looked out for me and made sure that I was good. She’s just always been a great friend of mine.“



Sean Kingston Claims He Slept With Serena Williams pics
Kingston also said that he used to date and sleep with the tennis star several years ago and they had long sessions of sex at several occasions. “Serena and I had several Exhausting Marathon S*x and I got exhausted on one occasion; and I still miss her s*x,” Sean Kingston said… He stated that Williams visited him for six days when he was in that nasty jet ski accident in 2011 as well.



“That was my dog,” he said. “That was somebody I really looked to for advice … I use to work out with her. She was just always somebody that really, really looked out for me and made sure that I was good … She’s just always been a great friend of mine. [She has] $300 million and all she wears is Nike tracksuits.”



Sean Kingston and Serena Williams love each other
Kingston also said the nine year difference between he and Williams played a part in their eventual breakup. “I knew what I had, but I just didn’t really follow-up on some stuff that I was supposed to follow-up on,” he explained. “I was kind of young at the time, and I was being young. She’s older than me, so she wanted something different.”



Serena Williams 2015
The last time Kingston said he communicated with Williams is when she announced that she was having a baby with Reddit’s founder Alexis Ohanian. He sent the 23-time grand slam winner a text after the news, and the two exchanged well wishes.


The last time the “Beautiful Girls” singer made headlines was back in February when he said Migos and their entourage jumped him outside of the Sand Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. There were also shots fired during the melee, and one person from Kingston’s squad was arrested.


Serena Williams Shows Off Rock Hard Abs

In regards to Williams, she’s now in the throws of motherhood with her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., who was born on Sept. 1, 2017.

Serena Williams, Miami Beach

The wife of Alexis Ohanian recently talked about her delivery experience and the complications she suffered during the delivery of Olympia: “I had to spend several days in the hospital.”

Serena Williams Tricky Challenge On TikTok pics

Williams hasn’t commented on Kingston’s sex claims yet, and there’s a good chance she won’t. But whether she contacts him personally and asks him why he would reveal such personal information is something else altogether.




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