Six provoking photos of Serena Williams — Six talking points

Serena Williams looks incredible in a colourful swimsuit


‘I worked as a bra tester for Serena Williams and got the job because of my big boobs’. One young woman found herself in the unusual position of being a bra tester for tennis legend Serena Williams, with scientists measuring the bounce of her breasts while running.



There aren’t too many people in the world who can claim one of their jobs involved working as a bra tester for Serena Williams. The model gets fans fired up as she unleashes curves in skimpy ‘red room’ lingerie.



Serena Williams indicates Swimsuit pics

Plenty of young people making their way in the world get employment in coffee shops, restaurants and similar hospitality areas. But for one young woman, her side hustle in her early-20s involved something a little bit different – thanks to the size of her boobs.



Having previously worked in a bar, as a waitress and in the billing department of a sex hotline, model Jessica Leahy was contacted by a bra company who decided it was time to “take chesticle care real serious,” as she puts in in a 2019 article.



Serena Williams shows off baby bump aboard a yacht - Swimsuit

Their task was to measure the bounce of a woman’s breasts while running in order to develop a more comfortable sports bra. Leahy’s measurements – “12 or 14D, maybe sometimes a DD” – were dubbed similar enough to stand in for Williams, landing her at Australian Institute of Sport.



There she was asked to sprint with and without her bra on so scientists could measure how much her boobs moved. Writing in 2019, she painted a picture of the scene.



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“There I would be, topless on a Canberra running track, with a few other semi-naked models doing the same,” she regaled. “When we weren’t running we’d all stand chatting, our bodies dotted with dozens of wireless sensors. That might sound like makings of a sport-themed CGI porno, but it wasn’t. It was clinical.

Serena Williams massive body

“We would be circled by very polite researchers who would only turn away from their data screens to kindly ask if they could adjust neurons around nipples for a better reading. Honestly, they are happy memories. The only thing I’m sad about was there was no actual Serena there — she was likely too busy winning somewhere so I get it.”

Serena Williams flaunts her curves in barely-there bikini on Snapchat selfie

The whole point of the exercise was that the particular brand of bra – the one worn by (Serena) Williams at the time – had developed a metric by which to measure what bras worked best for what activity.

Serena Williams, 41, makes the rare move of showing off her toned midriff

“And, as my braless bouncing chest can confirm, they really do put their products through the paces,” Leahy confirmed. Williams is on record in the past as saying how important a good bra is. She doesn’t know the half of it.


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